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Kilmar House Liskeard
Higher Lux Street
PL14 3JU

Useful Information and Links

CareHome is a directory for all care homes in England and we have our own listing on here. You will also find information about their homes in the area as well as recommendations.

Adult care and support for Cornwall

Adult care and support for Cornwall can give you help and advice on funding and other practical issues.

The Alzheimer’s society

The Alzheimer’s society has produced an extremely helpful document to assist with selecting a care home. We have a copy at the home for you to reference whilst you are looking around the home but if you would like a copy to assist you whilst choosing your care home, you can view it from the link below.

OOmph Wellness

We believe that to truly live a happy, fulfilled life when we are older we continue to want and need the same fundamental things. We help organisations caring for older adults by empowering teams to take a truly 360° approach to the wellbeing of every individual.